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Video of the games in our app dating Hunter love and you will understand everything without words.

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Hunter love - best app for finding contacts.

New game "Hunter of Love" destroys all the established rules!
After all, its purpose - it's not just ordinary search for a partner, but a living acquaintance in real time, passing on a "here and now". Unlike social networking and dating sites you are looking for a partner wherever you are. Russia, Ukraine and Belarus - all countries of the CIS and Europe c even America!
How many new friends you can make - it's even difficult to find!


Game Hunter Love

The principle of the game of love Hunter

"Hunter of Love" works very simply. Rock it on any gadget that runs on android and IOS, register with three clicks, enter data, and upload an avatar ... the hunt begins!

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Where to find dating?

With the help of GPS and cellular data game automatically looks for you partner to explore according to the specified targets at a distance of only 500 meters. If she only detect a match parameters such as "Love Hunter" immediately notifies you of this!

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Love on the hook

What remains to be done to you, so it's either to agree to the introduction, or leave "prey" for someone else and start a new search system. But if you and partner agree to a meeting, "Hunter" includes an option to zoom in and activating the local map leads you to each other.

Love Hunter

Hunter love - this is your chance!

Proper dating game

You need a new game, "Hunter of Love"! It combines not only the possibility to start a new relationship, but did not find a partner through the monitor screen and in real life!
This is not a social network, not a routine dating site where so full of false profiles and photos edited. "Hunter of Love" - is an application with which you are looking for a partner is not sitting at the computer, and absolutely everywhere, wherever they are, and that at this moment are doing.

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